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Wellness Coaching Packages

Packages are purchased in 3-month blocks. Additional packages can be purchased every 3 months, at which point you can change the package level, based on needs and budget. All first-time packages include the initial session at no additional cost.



2 sessions per month

6 total sessions

Honey Moon


4 sessions per month

12 total sessions

True Love


8 sessions per month

24 total sessions

Included with wellness coaching, at no additional fee:

Basic Assessment: Assessments are included with each initial session and may be repeated every 6-8 weeks for on-going clients. They include weight, a body fat test, and circumference measurements. An assessment establishes baseline values that may be used to track progress with weight loss, body fat loss and health in general. Knowing these baseline values allows for the coach-client team to establish goals and determine success.

Accountability Check-ins: There will be brief encounters between sessions, with the frequency being tailored per client. The encounters may be a text, email, or social media message to encourage goal accomplishment and remind the client about upcoming sessions or other services.

Private Facebook group: Multiple posts in the group each week include healthy tips and encouragement. Clients are encouraged to post and support each other. Engaging activities such as recipe exchanges and individual based challenges (i.e. posting a pic of your meals, mileage, etc.) are included.

HIIT workouts: One HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout per week will be highlighted and provided to all clients to complete at home or a workout facility they belong to. Please note that doctor’s approval may be required based on health status

Initial session includes

basic assessment, health history, wellness vision, food recall and both long-term and short-term goal setting; 60 minutes; in-person only; included with all packages

Follow-up sessions include

food and activity tracking review, goal progress, and short-term goal setting; a basic assessment may be repeated at 6-8 week intervals; 20 minutes; telephonic or video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime)

Other ala carte services available

Virtual Grocery Store Tour

Clients are virtually walked through each aisle of a typical grocery store, where they will learn how to read labels, tricks for finding the healthy options while avoiding impulse buys and staying within a budget. These tours, offered via video conferencing, last 60 minutes in length and include grocery lists, app recommendations, a recipe packet and budget worksheet.

Pantry Makeover

The client’s home pantry and refrigerator are assessed, and the nutrient content of each item is discussed. Discarding less healthy options will be encouraged, while the healthier items will be organized in a way that suits the client’s needs and promotes healthy eating. The makeover, offered in-person only, lasts 60 minutes in length and includes a pantry checklist, grocery list, app recommendations, and recipe packet.

Program Design

Goals, restrictions, likes/dislikes, and available equipment are discussed, so the coach can design an individual workout program. The program is emailed to the client and exercises may be demonstrated via video conferencing, during a paid package session.


Per 8-week program

Healthier Ever After offers a 10% military discount for active duty, retired, veteran.